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Installing Arch Linux Toolchains, Utilities, Applications to Your Cr-48

When reading how to remount the Chrome partitions to grant myself read/write privileges, I ran across wh5a hinting that the Cr-48 might be able to run Arch/Debian/Ubuntu binaries.  That suggestion was later affirmed when he managed to get mlocate running as well as when reddog176 was able to install nano amongst other things.

So today I had some spare time and I started probing around the Arch package list to see what I might be able to install.  I took reddog176’s success with nano as an inspiration to install my favorite command line text editor, vi.  In his description of the nano install process, reddog mentions using another linux box to unpack the .xz files.  I was in a coffee shop, with only my Cr-48, and I want to be able to do everything natively anyway, so I set out to find a workaround.  Licky for me, xz is included in the Arch package list.  Downloading the package and unpacking it with ‘tar -xvf’ I was presented with a ‘usr’ folder.  Copying all of its contents into my /usr directory using the somewhat risky  sudo cp -rf * /usr I “installed” xz.  Sure enough, typing xz into my terminal I was greeted with a message to try xz --help .  So now with tar already on the Cr-48 and xz successfully installed, I should be able to unpack and install whatever I want from the Arch package list.

After unpacking the vi.xz file using my newly installed xz tool, I simply repeated the same steps to install vi.  Sure enough, upon completion, typing ‘vi’ into my terminal I am greeted with my old friend vi!

I suggest everyone start looking into the list of packages available from Arch Linux.  Together we can probably come up with a comprehensive list of what can be easily installed directly from the Arch binaries.  Let me know what you have success with.