On my 25th birthday I received, from Google, the coolest gift ever, a Cr-48 Netbook. Being the tech nerd and tinkerer that I am, I will be devoting a substantial amount of time and energy to thoroughly testing and hopefully improving the Chrome OS experience.  In case you are wondering about the name, 3d54s1 is the electron arrangement of a Chromium atom.  Google chose to name the netbook after the isotope of Chromium, 48.  On the inside of the netbook it is clearly named “mario”.  Thus, the Cr-48 must be “The Mario Isotope”.

  1. Im trying to get my Cr-48 to read SD and Flash Drives and I cant seem to do. I cant read the code can you email me a email with the code in a text file. If you could that would be helpful.

    Thank You so much.

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