CR-48, back in the driver’s seat

So, it’s been nearly a year since I received my CR-48 and not much less since I updated anything on this blog.  I got pretty tired of the Chrome only experience.  Then I got a new job that just left me no time for CR-48 modding.  I wound up loaning the CR-48 to a friend who’s Macbook Pro died.  She had it for like 6 months because she loved it so much.  I almost just gave it to her but then when I needed to do a screen replacement on my Macbook Pro, I reclaimed the Cr-48 just in case the screen replacement took me more than the evening I expected.

With things having slowed down a bit a work (major project coming to a close) and having the CR-48 back in my hands, I decided I’d start playing around with it again in the hopes that in the year since I turned it on last the Chrome OS had matured enough to be more fun.  A lot of the updates are huge in making this computer more usable as an everyday machine.  However, my job requires that I need to be able to SSH into our remoter servers and many other things that mean a true Linux environment is necessary.  So I installed Ubuntu 11.04 and can switch between Ubuntu and Chrome on the fly.  It is apretty nice setup.  However, the install leaves you with only about 2.5 Gb of space in your root partition.  That isn’t even enough space for me to check out the SVN repository for work so I needed to fix that.

Luckily, I have a 65 Gb SSD given to me by a friend who works at SanDisk.  Actually, he gave it to me when I first got the CR-48, I just lost interest and never installed it.  I’ll be posting up soon how that SSD upgrade went, as well as how my Ubuntu install setup goes.

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